Depending on the requirements of each specific project, the company will typically perform a definition of the objectives and an analysis of the existing situation (or project analysis if not yet performed), pinpointing the characteristics and problems to be tackled.

The next step consists in investigating and defining strategic guidelines for action (in terms of vision, positioning and development) based on an analysis of the complex interests of the different parties involved (such as major institutional investors and private investors, large-scale retail trade and logistics operators, hotel groups and public administrations) and then on to the formulation of the individual operational programmes.

In order to provide integrated services which are increasingly targeted to its partners’ requirements, De Faveri & Partners has consolidated relations with influential parties in the financial and credit sectors, who can be involved in individuating the possible acquisition and development scenarios and in the financing of the different initiatives.

Our desire to provide support in this area of activity was based on the assumption that it is essential to define appropriate forms of financial management from the very beginning in order to achieve the strategic objectives of a project. This may in turn require particular corporate and organisational structures which will allow their implementation or optimisation.

Our know-how and services offered are reflected in several activities which our company typically performs:

  • Definition of strategic plans for real-estate development and exploitation, and specific real-estate initiatives (commercial, office, health, hotel, logistics and residential segments)
  • Assistance in the transfer and acquisition of properties, companies and assets, by participation in the definition of exploitation plans and in the stages concerning the seeking and selection of the individual assets and potential parties (buyers, sellers or users)
  • Negotiations with buyers/sellers, including organising and providing support at the study, due diligence and closing stages
  • Drawing up of comprehensive Business Plans, and studies and appraisal of the feasibility and advisability of real-estate development operations
  • Assistance in the seeking and definition of financing and negotiation policies with financial brokers and investors (banks, investment management companies, private equity funds and pension funds)