Assistance in tourism property exploitation, acquisition and divestment is one of the areas of activity in which De Faveri & Partners has developed significant experience.

The “distinguishing competence” of our organisation lies in the exclusive know-how we have acquired directly with thousands of rooms in four and five star hotels, as well as in the consolidated network of high level Partners who collaborate with us and take part in the development of the initiatives.

Thanks to these resources, our organisation is able to accomplish the following activities:

  • Assistance in the purchase, realisation and sale of hotel and tourism facilities, as well as in the individuation of managers and users
  • Financial assistance, with special attention to the seeking of investors and backers (banks, investment funds and private equity funds)
  • Design and development of tourism facilities
  • Technical support in the areas of technology and functional layout
  • Research and assistance in the reorganisation, establishment and start up stages of new tourism initiatives.

Large commercial, office or tourism real-estate operations needing to position themselves successfully and become integrated in the area, local authorities needing to clarify developments and exploitation actions in their area, and industry associations needing to redefine the significance of a tourist area are just a few concrete examples which have allowed De Faveri & Partners to develop expertise in Local Marketing. Today, such expertise is indispensable when defining ideal solutions for exploiting real-estate operations, or when planning broader actions which will have an impact on a particular area.